Delays in Shipping Orders due to COVID-19


The past couple of months have been challenging for many reasons and we want to say thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time. We’ve continued to prioritize the health and safety of our staff and community, but we know that has caused frustration with your orders and we’d like to apologize for the delay and fill you in on what is happening.

Our teams are working exceptionally hard every day to work towards getting back on track with orders, responding to customer inquiries, return requests all with the goal of getting our products back out there.

If you have an open order with Mitomo ASIA, what is the best way to contact us?

We encourage you to email at We assure you, we see every email and will respond. It just might take more time than we are all used to.

The entire team at Mitomo ASIA is grateful for your business. We are navigating this experience together and we appreciate your patience. Not only are we adjusting to the current situation, but we are also planning towards what the new normal might look like. Thank you for your continued patience.


As for the shipping delays, due to COVID-19, some of our products weren’t able to be restocked at our some of Asia warehouse so we are currently having some of the products to be sent straight from Japan.

Please note that the stocks that aren’t in asia warehouse right now will have notification on each of the products' page as “*Please Note: Currently due to low in stock in Asia Warehouse, these products will be shipped from Japan. The shipping could take up to 15-31 days for delivery (It depends on each countries).” 

Thank you and we hope everyone stay safe and be healthy!


-Mitomo ASIA